Venezuelan air defense forces reported the interception of the American F-22

Venezuelan air defense forces intercepted the American F-22.

The Venezuelan military announced a warning sent to the US Air Force about the readiness to open fire without notification on any American aircraft, including this also applies to the advanced F-22, if the latter try to violate the country's border or commit provocative or aggressive actions near the airspace Venezuela. According to preliminary data, one of the American F-22s had already been found near the borders of the Latin American state, after which a warning was sent to him about the opening of fire to kill, which forced the US Air Force to leave the area, as a result of which provocative actions were avoided.

“At the moment, the internal situation in Venezuela has not only greatly deteriorated, but also the US armed forces, which deliberately put pressure on Venezuela, giving it a military signal, but the American forces were suppressed by a unique“ eastern artifact ”- Venezuela announced the interception of the F-22 United States Air Force. This was done by the Chinese JY-27 radar in service with Venezuela. Its arrival effectively compensates for the lack of the Venezuelan early control and warning system. With the public release of the new radar, the United States may not take further action against Venezuela in the near future. Currently, the conflict is the most acute problem "- reports "Sohu."

When exactly such an incident occurred is not known, however, experts drew attention to the fact that Venezuela began to abandon the use of Russian radars, including those that are part of the S-300, and switched to the use of Chinese radars, which, by the way, also noted in Syria.

It's time to deliver the S-400 Triumph to Venezuela! And try it on the f-22 raptors.



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