Venezuelan Su-30s fired at American warships with Krypton anti-submarine missiles

Venezuelan fighters defiantly fired X-31 anti-submarine missiles toward American warships.

An attempt by American warships to approach the area of ​​passage of Iranian oil tankers, and, most likely, to try to capture tankers, was interrupted in advance by the Venezuelan Air Force, which not only conducted exercises using Su-30 fighters, but also fired with X-31 cruise missile anti-ship missiles, known classified by NATO as "Krypton."

“Meanwhile, the Venezuelan Air Force Su-30 aircraft with an X-31 air-to-surface missile began flying over the country and beyond, preparing for the slightest threat to the country. Iranian tankers began to approach the coast of the Bolivarian Republic. In response to US threats, Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino said: “Venezuelan Air Force will protect Iranian ships from any US encroachment. The Venezuelan military will accompany and protect the Iranian oil tankers that supply fuel to the Bolivarian Republic when they enter the exclusive economic zone of Venezuela. ”- приводит Information Edition "Dat Viet".

Subsequently, the Venezuelan side also published a video showing the equipment of the fighters with X-31 missiles, moreover, the launch, apparently, was demonstrated during last year’s tests, however, the launches were also carried out days earlier ..

SU-30MK2 learn materiel.

Iran brings ready-made fuel and lubricants to Venezuela. Because they do not have factories for the processing of local heavy oil. Venez-la exported all the heavy oil, but not enough light oil. Lacks.

Russian aircraft piloted by brave and fearless pilots - this is the death of any American aggression

How does the author know that the X-31 anti-submarine missile. What Venezuela declared war on the United States?

After all, who does the oil / gasoline / diesel fuel deliver to the tankers across the ocean, and why, when there is nowhere to put their own oil?

On the video Su-27

The X-31 missile is not anti-submarine, it is available in two versions: anti-ship (RCC) and anti-radar (PRR). It is likely that the PRR was launched.