Wreckage Airbus A321


Version of the destruction of Airbus A321 was refuted

Transport Ministry denied reports about the destruction of Airbus A321 terrorists.

Portal Avia.pro notes that were originally voiced version of the purposeful destruction of the airliner to land a terrorist group, and, there were even suggestions that can stand behind this grouping "Islamic state."

To date, after a preliminary examination conducted airliner wreckage, as well as the analysis of the wreck, it was found that this version can be completely ruled out, at least at this stage of the investigation. Also, as expected, the official version of what happened will most likely already announced in the coming weeks, and, in many respects this will promote deciphering flight recorders, which have already been discovered.

I have only one question, if not working one dvizhek plane flies, yet the second, and in this case all engines poluchaetsya got up and quickly that even the pilot neuspel press on the steering wheel localizer, which is the reason I should be .. ..? Alien Invasion, hypnosis, or vzryv.Vam vyberat, but not both disappointing.