Helicopter of the Ministry of Emergency Situations


The Emergencies Ministry helicopter dropped part of the Tu-154 right in flight. Video

The Mi-26 helicopter dropped the tail of the Tu-154, no injuries were reported.

This morning, Avia.pro has at its disposal the video frames, which captured the moment with the helicopter of the Emergencies Ministry of Belarus. The crew of the Mi-26, transporting part of the Tu-154 airliner, was forced to dump the cargo due to the strongest wind, while the case almost ended in a plane crash.

On the presented video frames you can see how the strongest gusts of wind swing the cargo, which in turn almost touches the blades of the helicopter, which, according to expert estimates, could well provoke a plane crash.

As a result of the existing danger, the crew decided to dump the cargo over the wasteland - it received serious damage, and, most likely, cannot be restored.

For exactly what purposes the helicopter of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus transported the tail part of the Tu-154 airliner, remains unknown, but there are reports that the transportation was connected with the organization of an open-air museum at the Minsk National Airport.