The Mi-24 helicopter escorting Lukashenka's plane crashed in Belarus

Mi-24 helicopter crashed in Belarus.

The Mi-24 helicopter of the Belarusian Air Force crashed while on a mission to patrol the area. According to preliminary data, as a result of the crash, victims were avoided, however, given the data of a number of sources, the incident occurred on one of the sections of the border. The source does not specify whether we are talking about the border with NATO, or about the border with Ukraine, where a high activity of Belarusian aviation flights has been observed lately.

At the moment, it is known that the helicopter received significant damage. Blame for everything, as stated, was the failure of the power plant. As a result of this, according to sources, the rotorcraft received serious damage and plowed the ground.

By the current hour, there are no official statements from the Ministry of Defense of Belarus regarding the crash that occurred. At the same time, the current condition of the crew on board has not yet been specified.

At the same time, the Motolko Help Telegram channel reports that the helicopter escorted Lukashenka's plane during his visit to Luninets. At the same time, it is specified that among the crew there may be victims.

“A military helicopter crashed near Soligorsk, returning from Luninets, where Lukashenka was. It is known that he fell (made an emergency landing) near the village of Gotsk, in a forest belt. Although the Ministry of Defense claims that no one was hurt, according to our information, a stretcher was needed, and an evacuation helicopter flew out of Machulishchi.- said in the message.

At the moment, the Belarusian military is actively preparing for the upcoming military exercises. In this regard, the data that the cause of the crash could be poor-quality preparation of the rotorcraft for flights are also very relevant.

"... the rotorcraft was seriously damaged and plowed the ground." - downed pilots plant potatoes.