The Mi-28N helicopter was armed with rockets that destroy the tank with the first hit

Russian attack helicopters Mi-28N were armed with tank killer missiles.

Russian attack helicopters Mi-28N "Night Hunter" have been armed with unique "Vikhr-1" missiles. According to the developers of this weapon, the Whirlwind-1 missile launched by the Night Hunter will be able to destroy any of the existing tanks with the first hit. Given the fact that the rotorcraft will be armed with a large number of missiles, then just a few "Night Hunters" will be enough to eliminate an entire enemy tank battalion, inflicting a crushing defeat on it.

When developing the Vikhr-1 rocket, the creators were guided by the principles that the rocket must be guaranteed to hit the selected target. In addition to destroying armored vehicles, Vikhr-1 missiles are also capable of destroying any stationary objects.

“Taking into account the fact that NATO is deploying its armored forces near the Russian borders, the appearance of the Mi-28N“ Night Hunter ”helicopters of the“ Vikhr ”missile systems in service is very timely. Just a few helicopters can easily defeat superior enemy forces. ", - emphasizes specialist Avia.pro.

Whirlwind, Hermes - what's the difference? Until the possibility of firing at the target with several missiles is realized on the helicopters of the Russian Federation, the KAZ Abramsov will consistently shoot the approaching "newest" Russian missiles. At least 5, at least 10, at least 110. A total lag in microelectronics interferes with the implementation of salvo firing of Russian helicopters: the S-300 air defense system could already aim at one target 2 missiles, but there are electronics on tractors, but helicopters do not fit yet. And it weighs a lot. Russian ICs are the largest ICs in the world! Hurray, comrades!

Practice in Karabakh has shown that armor is effectively destroyed by drones.
I'm surprised that Mi28 still couldn't do it.

"The whirlwind-1 rocket will be able to destroy any of the existing tanks with the first hit." For this, the carrier must approach this tank at least 10 km. and be in a confident zone of destruction of enemy air defense until the moment this ATGM approaches the target, during which time the carrier can be shot down. Vortex -1 is yesterday. It is unclear why the Ministry of Defense bought them in such quantities. It is necessary to purchase the RK "Hermes", "Product 305". With them, the carrier has a completely different alignment. Their range of 25-30 km is very good.

Time will tell who got into what ...

"... the Whirlwind-1 rocket will be able to destroy any of the existing tanks with the first hit."
Eka was surprised! The 152 mm artillery shell also destroys any tank with the first hit! You need to get current ...

the helicopter should not enter the air defense zone, the UAV operator should sit in it - which carries the Whirlwind