Mi-35 helicopter strike


Mi-35 helicopter strikes at Saudi troops in Yemen

For the first time, the Houthis deployed attack helicopters against the Saudi army.

A few hours ago it became known that Houthi units managed to capture a Mi-35 attack helicopter at one of the military bases in Yemen, which, among other things, was used to strike at the Saudi army. A rotorcraft combat vehicle launched an unguided missile strike directly at the positions of the Saudi forces. As a result, the latter suffered very serious losses.

In the video footage presented, you can see how the Mi-35 helicopter, previously owned by the Armed Forces of Yemen, unleashes a powerful blow on the position of the Saudi army. Taking into account the fact that the Yemeni rebels do not have experience in controlling helicopters, like most other military equipment, one of the captured Yemeni Air Force pilot had to control the combat vehicle.

At the moment, the losses of the Saudi forces are not announced, however, given the powerful missile salvo, the latter could be very significant. Moreover, thanks to the appearance of combat helicopters in service with the Houthis, the offensive on the positions of the Yemeni army and Saudi forces may intensify in the coming days.

The picture shows an airplane, not a helicopter.



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