The Mi-35 helicopter demolished the platform during a military parade. Video

A combat helicopter demolished the platform during a military parade.

During the military parade in Indonesia, the Mi-35 attack multi-purpose helicopter, flying at extremely low altitude, found itself in close proximity to the stands, as a result of which literally demolished several of them.

As can be seen on the presented video frames, despite the fact that the helicopter approached the platform at a relatively low speed, the wind flow generated by the propeller of the combat vehicle turned out to be so strong that the platform simply could not stay in place.

Data on the victims are not officially reported, but viewers drew attention to the fact that the ceremonial calculation did not even attach much importance to the incident, continuing the procession.

Currently, the fact remains that the organizers of the military parade in Indonesia did not foresee the fact that such an incident could occur directly when the combat vehicle was flying at a low altitude.

According to several sources, the incident occurred during a military parade dedicated to the 74 anniversary of the formation of the Armed Forces of Indonesia.