Helicopter crash


Italian Navy helicopter crashes while landing on destroyer deck

The Italian military helicopter crashed while landing on the deck of the destroyer.

A few hours ago, while landing on the deck of the Italian destroyer Caio Duilio, a helicopter belonging to the Italian Navy unexpectedly lost control and crashed right on a warship. Information about the victims and victims in this regard remains very controversial - according to some sources, no one was injured, while a number of other sources report at least three victims.



As you can see in the photographs presented, the Italian Navy helicopter, and we are talking about the EH-101 model, received critical damage, while the Italian Navy command prefers not to comment on the incident, citing the need for an investigation.

It should be clarified that according to some sources, when approaching, the helicopter lost control due to a powerful gust of wind, as a result of which the rotorcraft began to tumble to its side, after which it hit the destroyer deck.

How much damage the Italian military destroyer could receive was not reported, however, judging by the photographs presented, the deck of the warship was also seriously damaged.