NATO helicopters arrange dangerous provocations with Russian trains

NATO aviation began to arrange dangerous provocations with Russian trains.

It is noted that over the past week, almost every Russian train transporting both conventional cars and gondola cars has been subjected to dangerous provocations from NATO helicopters. This is evidenced both by the data of citizens of Lithuania and Poland, and the information provided by The Wall Street Journal.

It is known that helicopters perform not just escort, but also fly at low altitude, following Russian trains and, obviously, scanning trains for the presence of cargo in the latter. However, it is noted that the key task is to ensure that Russian trains do not stop in Lithuania.

“At the end of July, Lithuania and EU allies agreed on an approach to avoid conflict, but citizens were alarmed. “Russian trains run through Lithuania. Obviously, we are nervous,” said Migle Onaytė, a 19-year-old resident of Pilviškiai, near the railway line. Many Russian trains are escorted by Lithuanian helicopters to make sure they don't stop and don't load or unload anything from the train. According to representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Lithuanian border services now include four times more patrols than in 2020 and other helicopters are taking part in military exercises., - reports the publication "The Wall Street Journal".

Such behavior on the part of Lithuania, which is a NATO member country, is clearly provocative and aggressive and clearly causes concern, especially against the backdrop of Lithuania's earlier statements about its readiness to block Russia's access to the Kaliningrad region if such a need arises.