Russian Aerospace Forces helicopters are armed with long-range air-to-surface missiles

Russian helicopters "Night Hunter" will be armed with long-range missiles "Hermes-A".

Russian combat helicopters Mi-28NM "Night Hunter" will receive unique long-range air-to-surface missiles "Hermes-A". The missiles have a high accuracy of hitting almost any ground and sea targets, while the strike range of such a cruise missile is 100 kilometers.

According to the data available to the information and news publication Avia.pro, Russian designers have decided to unify the armament of the Mi-28NM "Night Hunter" helicopter with the armament of the Ka-52M helicopter. Moreover, according to sources, now the crew of the Russian Mi-28NM "Night Hunter" can also operate unmanned aerial vehicles, which significantly expands the possibilities of striking targets, without any direct and visual contact with them.

Today the Mi-28NM "Night Hunter" helicopter is a unique combat vehicle in service with the Russian army. The capabilities of this helicopter have been tested on the territory of Syria, where the rotorcraft was able to prove itself perfectly, while experts do not exclude that after receiving new weapons, the Mi-28NM "Night Hunter" helicopter could be protested on the territory of the Arab Republic, as this would allow not only to test it in real combat conditions, especially since, judging by the data of Syrian sources, quite a lot of mysterious powerful strikes have been inflicted on jihadist targets lately.

The fact is that helicopters of the KA 50,52 series are outlawed and banned for production. Their modernization is out of the question, only MI can be modernized. Soon spacecraft technologies will be transferred abroad. So the party and the government decided.

It is not entirely clear why Hermes, in addition to the naval version of the ka52, was decided to be integrated only on mi 28? Why is it impossible for the same ka52 ground forces, but at min28nm it is possible? What's in the way? Radar? Sighting complex?