Vietnam: F-35 are powerless against Russian S-400 air defense systems

The Vietnamese observer Soha published an article in which the author expressed his point of view on why the Americans interfere with the supply of Russian S-400 air defense systems to different countries of the world. The author emphasizes that the United States can impose sanctions even against allies if they conclude a contract for the supply of S-400 Triumph. Turkey is mentioned as an example, as well as the pressure exerted by Washington in connection with the contract signed by India and Moscow.

A Vietnamese media report points out that unfair competition in the market from the United States is not a major factor. The author comes to the conclusion that in connection with the active spread of Russian air defense systems around the world, the number of problems with the use of the 5th generation F-35 and F-22 fighters will increase. In the United States, they fear that the F-35 will become vulnerable to the Russian S-400 air defense system. This state of affairs will affect the decision of many countries to buy F-35 fighters from the United States or expand their fleets. If abroad they know that the F-35 is easily detected by the Russian complex, then the demand for the fighter will significantly drop.

In addition, the Vietnamese publication notes that with the purchases of the S-400 air defense system by countries of the world, the American Patriot PAC-3 complexes will have less and less chances.

By selling the S-400 air defense system to other countries of the world, Russia is inflicting a double blow on the United States - it lowers the rating of American weapons and increases the vulnerability of new-generation American fighters in different regions.

That is why, according to the Vietnamese author, Washington “is making every effort to oppose the supply of these anti-aircraft missile systems by Russia.