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Vietnam threatens its opponents with "stunning blows" of Russian ships "Gepard"

Vietnam received Russian warships capable of destroying even an aircraft carrier strike group.

The Vietnamese authorities announced that the Russian patrol ships of Project 11661 Gepard, which have appeared in service with the country's naval forces, improved and adapted specifically for the needs of the Vietnamese Navy, now pose a great threat to any enemy. Given the armament of these warships, they can easily destroy even an entire aircraft carrier strike group, and given that Vietnam intends to order submarines from Russia and other warships in the near future, the power of the Vietnamese Navy will increase significantly.

The Gepard patrol ships of the Vietnamese Navy are designed to destroy surface ships, submarines, and enemy air attack weapons. A ship may also perform patrol or escort duties alone or as part of a fleet to protect shipping lanes and exclusive economic zones. Thanks to its stealth, along with strong weapons, the ship "Cheetah" - the flagship of the Vietnamese Navy, will become extremely dangerous. Currently, the Vietnamese Navy has only 4 ships of this type, transferred by Russia in 2 pairs. The second pair of ships (3rd and 4th) is more efficient due to the torpedo launch system, which significantly increases the total combat power. It is also the first model of the Vietnamese Navy warship capable of carrying Ka-28 submarine hunting helicopters, providing anti-submarine capabilities at sea for combat in the border echelon or group of ships., - reports the Vietnamese edition "Soha".

According to the Vietnamese media, each of the warships is armed with Sosna-R air defense systems, X-35 Uran cruise anti-ship missiles, AK-176 artillery system, etc., which makes it possible to effectively deal with various kinds of targets.

not a ship, but its weapon, can destroy an aircraft carrier

Alex. Show me this magic rubber boat launcher. And now about reality. Aug will not approach the shore at a distance of potential defeat. She does not need this. Her main weapon is aircraft. Its range is about a thousand kilometers. Therefore, the guards cannot really threaten her with anything. Stop telling tales about rubber boats with rockets of an unknown type.

Boy, with the right launcher, you can destroy a US aircraft carrier from a rubber boat with your own hands.

Now Vietnam with its Cheetah ships can destroy not one enemy aircraft carrier group, but seven or ten at once. You have to write the truth. Are you a truthful author?

This will be a counterbalance to China and Japan. The main thing is that the technical documentation and technology of the production of these ships should not be sold to the main enemy of Russia.
There is such a fear.

Here's a miracle. Now we even have patrol boats, ships of coastal waters, that have suddenly become capable of destroying entire aircraft carrier groups. Lord! Well, this is too much.

What are his opponents? Only China, is he threatening him? Our friend and brother? It is not good of us to arm such lawless people.



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