Vietnam wants to buy 12 Russian Su-75 Checkmate fighters

Vietnam intends to buy a batch of 12 Russian fifth generation Su-75 Checkmate fighters.

In 2022, Vietnam intends to conclude a contract with Russia for the supply in the near future of a batch of 12 light Su-75 Checkmate fighters. Such information was announced by the Vietnamese newspaper "Soha", referring to the data of the military. This means that Vietnam could become the first country in the world to arm itself with Russian fifth-generation light fighters.

At the moment, it is known that the Vietnamese Ministry of Defense was considering the possibility of buying a batch of fifth generation fighters, focusing on four main options - the American F-22 and F-35, and the Russian Su-57 and Su-75. According to the Vietnamese media, fifth-generation American fighter jets immediately became an unsuitable option, as Washington is guaranteed to refuse to sell them. Nevertheless, given the fact that the Su-75 is a light combat aircraft and can even be used on aircraft carriers, one of which Vietnam intends to receive in the near future, the decision was made to stop on this particular aircraft. Moreover, it is argued that the low cost of this fighter was also an important factor.

Vietnam is expected to begin negotiations with Russia in the middle of this year. This will make it possible to conclude a contract by the end of the year, and, probably, by 2030, to receive a batch of 12 fifth-generation Su-75 fighters for the country's armament.


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