Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation confirmed the possibility of detecting the Russian hypersonic missile Avangard and intercepting it

“A missile that cannot be intercepted” can still be shot down.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov, contrary to the previously made official statements of the Russian military, denied the invulnerability of the domestic hypersonic missile system Avangard, confirming the possibility of detecting the missile itself and the possibility of its successful interception, even with the condition of the current technologies in service with the United States.

“As for the means available in the world's arsenals, Borisov is sure: today and in the near future, Avangard will remain invulnerable to them. "This planning block repels itself from the dense layers of the atmosphere and can maneuver due to special technologies, and, in fact, becomes invulnerable to missile defense systems," Borisov explained. Theoretically, in his opinion, we can say that someday this unit will actually be intercepted using a laser or electromagnetic weapon. But this is a matter for the distant future. "Probably, over time, an antidote will be found against the maneuvering units, primarily weapons using laser technology, EMP, but today this is an area of ​​theory. We have a good handicap in this regard," the Deputy Prime Minister said., - about it сообщает Russian newspaper.

In fact, this means that it is already possible to detect targets flying at hypersonic speed with existing radars, however, the speed of modern air defense / missile defense systems is not enough to successfully intercept, which is likely more a matter of technology and time development.

On the other hand, experts do not exclude that Russia can take a slightly different path, using one of the warheads as a means of electronic suppression of enemy radar and air defense / missile defense.

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