Israel is bombing Syria


Video: Israeli Air Force attacked the Syrian capital

Israeli fighters launched rocket attacks on Syria.

Tonight, Israeli Air Force fighters attacked the Syrian capital. At the time of the attack on Syria, at least eight rockets were fired (at least one missile hit the chosen target, a rocket depot, resulting in a massive explosion, which killed and suffered at least six people.

According to the data that appeared, Israeli fighters in all struck three main regions located in close proximity to the capital of the Arab Republic:

  • Al-Kiswa (south of Damascus);
  • Positions of the 4 Syrian Division (northeast of Damascus);
  • Damascus International Airport.

At the disposal of the resource there were unique video frames indicating that the Israeli Air Force’s rocket attack turned out to be quite powerful, in particular, the video shows the fire shots at the rocket depot.

A few hours before the attack of the Israeli Air Force, the attack on Damascus itself was simulated, but it was not given due importance, which, quite possibly, affected the subsequent real attack.