Video fact: US military moves unhindered across Syria controlled by Russian military

Despite the presence of the Russian military in northern Syria, US troops are quietly moving in armored vehicles.

The presence of the Russian military in the northern part of Syria was not an obstacle to the free movement of the US military in this region. Today in the afternoon, a large convoy of American armored vehicles was spotted on the M4 highway, which connects Rakka and Hasaku, and the route itself is constantly patrolled by the Russian military police.

How it turned out that the US military was able to freely move around this area, which, in fact, is controlled by the Russian military police, is unknown, but this is not the first appearance of American troops in the northern part of Syria.

Experts, in turn, note that the return of the US military to this region may lead to the fact that the American side will once again establish its facilities here, which creates certain obstacles to regain control of the Arab Republic by official Damascus.

The purpose of the appearance of the US military in this region of Syria is not specified.