Israeli Air Force


Videofact: The Israeli Air Force is working out a large-scale attack on Syria

Israel began to work out attacks on Syria.

This afternoon Israeli military aircraft were seen in the airspace over the Mediterranean Sea. We are talking not only about two Gulfstream G550 reconnaissance aircraft, one of which monitored Syrian territory, but also a tanker aircraft, whose crew apparently worked out the process of refueling Israeli fighter jets, which may indicate preparation of new air strikes on the Arab Republic .

The interactive map shows that the Israeli military reconnaissance aircraft Gulfstream G550 (“679”) and the military tanker Boeing 707 (call sign “Giant2” - ed.) Are in the sky over the southeastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. Later, according to experts, after the transponder was turned on, another Israeli military reconnaissance aircraft Gulfstream G550 (“676”) is shown in the sky, carrying out reconnaissance of the territory of Lebanon and Syria. Experts drew attention to the fact that the tanker "cuts" circles near the airspace of Israel, apparently working off refueling of combat aircraft, which makes it possible to judge that Israel is actively preparing for new strikes against Syria, since we are talking about large-scale strikes, because otherwise, there would be no need for a tanker.

Analysts do not rule out that the main purpose of Israeli air strikes could be the positions of mobile launchers of the C-300 “Favorit” anti-aircraft missile systems, while the main attack will most likely be inflicted on the positions of the Iranian military, since Israel seriously fears that Iran can strike at the Jewish state with hundreds or even thousands of missiles that Israeli air defense and missile defense systems simply cannot cope with.