Hypersonic speed


Video fact: the stunning speed of hypersound, but the Russian “Vanguard” flies three times faster

In the USA, they showed the speed of a hypersonic missile, and the Russian Avangard turned out to be three times faster.

The US military managed to accelerate the rocket to a fantastic speed in 8,6 MAX, which corresponds to approximately 10600 km / h. However, despite the staggering speed, it turned out that the Russian Avangard hypersonic missile has much greater speed.

The acceleration of the missile was carried out on a special rail track, which suggests that the United States is still in the process of developing hypersonic weapons, and before the creation of rockets that could even be compared with the weapons that are in Russia's arsenal, it is still quite far .

In fact, the video shown by the US military allows us to show with some degree of accuracy the speed with which the Russian X-47M2 hypersonic aerial ballistic missile, which is part of the Dagger missile system, is moving.

It is noteworthy that the testing of American hypersonic technology was carried out over a short distance, while in reality, when flying over distances of hundreds and thousands of kilometers, the shell of the rocket heats up very much, which, obviously, the USA decided to abandon during the experiment.

1) Vanguard has already entered mass production!
2) Vanguard can maneuver
24000 km \ h + maneuvers at all stages of the flight, it is not possible to calculate the target. very fast from start to goal
what can bring this down?

It is expected that the Vanguard will be adopted by the end of this year. This means that military tests have been carried out. How many Vanguard flies in space, and how much in the atmosphere - state secrets. The main "chip" of the Vanguard is not its speed, which is quite common for strategic warheads, but the ability to receive control signals and execute them on a hypersonic flight section.
By the way, it’s very interesting where did you get information about the development by Americans of hypersound specifically for atmospheric flight and what specific altitude are you talking about?

Lord, where such stupid come from.
At 20 in armament, overtook.))
You probably live in America?

Author, are you all right with your head? Do you at least partially understand what you are writing about 7 Or are you talking nonsense? The vanguard is not a missile, but an ICBM combat unit. It does not accelerate itself. It does not have an engine. It is dispersed by a rocket. It flies not in the atmosphere, but in space. In space, as is known to the latest dumbass, there is no sound. And there is no hypersound in space either. There is sound in the atmosphere. But in the atmosphere, the Vanguard flies no more than 20 seconds, that is, one hundredth of its flight. Americans make a hypersonic rocket in the atmosphere, where it is very difficult to shoot down. In their technology, they overtook us for years at 20. The vanguard has not entered service and is being tested. Your article is at the level of three classes of the parish school. Do not be a laughing stock of everyone. Give up writing. Take care of ficus breeding.