Video fact: shock Mi-25 at ultra-low altitude almost plowed the strip of the airfield

Extreme flight of an attack helicopter Mi-25 at a very low altitude hit the video.

The attack helicopter Mi-25 (export version of the Mi-24 - approx. Ed.) Of the Syrian Air Force demonstrated extreme flight at a very low altitude. The rotorcraft, which is the main attack helicopter of the Syrian Air Force, flashed just a few meters above the runway of the military airfield, almost plowing it.

On the presented video frames, you can see that the combat aircraft flew at an extremely low altitude, than the Syrian military demonstrated their willingness to operate these shock machines to strike terrorists, militants and any military occupiers illegally located in the territory of the Arab Republic.

According to the LuftwaffeAS Twitter account, which posted the video, a demonstration of the capabilities of the Syrian Mi-25 attack helicopter took place at Blai airbase, located southeast of Damascus.

It should be noted that the Mi-25 helicopter proved to be excellent during military operations, as this machine is well suited to combat both the enemy’s armored vehicles and its manpower.

Maybe, after all, the Mi-35 and not the Mi-25?