Airline Viva Air


"Viva Air" and "Airbus" signed an agreement on the delivery of 50 airliners

"Viva Air" has signed a contract for the purchase of 50 passenger airliners.

As follows from the data presented by the press service of the Latin American group of companies “Viva Air”, as part of the negotiations, an agreement was signed on the supply of X-NUMX passenger liners of the Airbus A50 family, in particular, we are talking about the purchase of 320 Airbus A15ceo and 320 aircraft from Airbus A35neo aircraft .

Experts believe that, thanks to the purchase of 50 new passenger airliners, a group of low-cost airlines "Viva Air" will be able to significantly expand its operations in Latin America.

It should be clarified that according to the data of the middle of the 2017 of the year, the Viva Air group of companies had 13 aircraft in its fleet, and the flights were carried out along 24 in various route directions.