Russian Aerospace Forces transferred coordinates of the largest Turkish terrorist base

The Russian Aerospace Forces received the coordinates of the largest base of Turkish militants.

The online community "REVERSE SIDE OF THE MEDAL", which specializes in covering the activities of private military companies, has published the coordinates of the largest terrorist target in the Syrian province of Idlib. The latter was discovered thanks to the indiscretion of the jihadists themselves, who made cadres in one of their positions. It is reported that the coordinates have already been transferred to the Russian Aerospace Forces, and, probably, within the next 24 hours, powerful strikes by Russian bombers will be applied to the militants.

Judging by the coordinates, the militants' facility is located approximately 7 kilometers from the city of Raju and 12 kilometers from the Turkish border, while the REVERSE SIDE OF THE MEDAL community draws attention to the fact that we are talking about a special training ground for jihadists, where the last , obviously and are undergoing training in the use of weapons.

It should be noted that in recent months, attacks on militants and jihadists in the provinces of Idlib and Latakia have intensified in Syria, while this is often due to information transmitted to the Russian military by the residents of the Syrian provinces themselves, who are categorically against the presence of militants here.

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If Avia Pro had as its goal warning the Syrian militants about the impending Russian airstrikes, then it was quite successful.