The Russian Aerospace Forces will receive the X-95 ultra-long-range hypersonic cruise missile

The Russian Aerospace Forces will be armed with the world's first ultra-long-range hypersonic cruise missile.

The Russian Aerospace Forces will soon receive a unique ultra-long-range hypersonic cruise missile. We are talking about a hypersonic missile, passing under the name X-95, which will have to replace in the future the Soviet missiles X-101 and X-102 (with a nuclear warhead) in service with the strategic aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces. The range of the new missile will be significantly increased. At the same time, taking into account the flight at hypersonic speed at the final stage, it will be impossible to intercept such a missile even with promising air defense means.

The Kh-95 missile is expected to equip in the near future the Tu-22M3M, Tu-160M ​​missile-carrying bombers and the promising long-range aviation complex (PAK DA). The latest hypersonic missiles will not be installed on Tu-95MS strategic bombers due to the lack of expediency. It is known from open sources that prototypes of a new hypersonic missile have already been tested from an air carrier. This confirms the fact that this weapon will soon be adopted by Russia.

What exactly will be the range of the Kh-95 hypersonic cruise missile is unknown. According to a number of estimates, it will reach 7 thousand kilometers, of which 5 thousand kilometers will be overcome at cruising speed, after which the rocket will accelerate to hypersonic speed and quickly hit its target.

If the range information is correct, it would be nice to create a ground-based version of this missile. We do not have a lot of carrier aircraft suitable for it; their bases are extremely vulnerable to nuclear strikes. And the ground version, with a range of 7000 km, will be able to hit the territory of the United States when launched from the northwestern and northeastern regions of Russia.