Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed the largest terrorist base in the Syrian province of Latakia

The aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed significant forces of terrorists in northwestern Syria with powerful strikes.

Several hours ago, the military aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces inflicted a series of powerful attacks on the terrorist training base of the "Islamic Party of Turkestan" (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - ed.), As a result of which, in just one military raid, significant forces of terrorists were destroyed.

On the video materials presented, you can see the moment the Russian Aerospace Forces were delivering strikes, and, apparently, both aerial bombs and missiles were used. As a result of the air raid of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the buildings and military warehouses of the militants, the buildings of the barracks type and the headquarters of the terrorists were destroyed, and, judging by the information disseminated by the militants in social networks, the losses of the terrorists are really very serious.

It should be noted that since the beginning of this year, the Russian military has stepped up the fight against terrorists in Syria, which, according to analysts, may be a preparation for a large-scale counter-terrorist operation of the Russian, Syrian and Iranian military in order to restore the borders of the Arab republic for the further elimination of militants in these areas. ...

If we collect all the reports about the destructive strikes of our Aerospace Forces since 2015, then in total there will be about two Chinese armies killed "terrorists".