Bomber Su-24


Russian Aerospace Forces nearly destroyed the last British missile destroyer

The last British missile destroyer was nearly destroyed by Su-24 strikes.

Having created a very serious provocation in Russian territorial waters, Great Britain was almost left without the last missile destroyer in service with the British Navy. As it turned out, today it is the "HMS Defender" that is the only warship of this class, which is suitable for use, since all other British missile destroyers will not even be able to go to sea due to technical problems.

“Of the six Type 45 missile destroyers in service with the British Navy, only one ship is on alert - the HMS Defender. The rest of the destroyers of this series are unsuitable for deployment. "- reports "Telegram" community "Military observer."

According to experts, during the breakthrough of a British warship into Russian territorial waters, the command of the British Navy had every chance of losing its last warship of this type.

"The British fleet and the destroyer's crew were saved only by the fact that after the warning strikes of the Su-24, the destroyer left the Russian territorial waters, since within the next few minutes it would have simply been bombed.", - the analyst notes.

And what could not be hit from the shore or the submarine? We have only one sous 24 in your opinion, well, and you have questions, did you wake up long ago?

SU24 flew unarmed, how could it destroy anything?

the British missile destroyer was nearly destroyed by Su-24 strikes. what nonsense, was it destroyed or not destroyed?

(The last British missile destroyer was nearly * destroyed by Su-24 * strikes.) What can I say? Well, it was not destroyed! And if so, then there should not be a conversation. It hardly counts! Well, just some kind of kindergarten!

In general, Defender ignored all the threats and continued to follow his course and withdrew from the Russian Federation's terrorist forces in accordance with him and not the overflights of the Su-24. Why didn't you unsubscribe that half of the crew left the ship in the nearest port?)

The British fleet and the destroyer crew were saved only by that ...
-- What a news!!!
It happened more than a month ago.
An analyst on vacation had a month off without the Internet ??
Glory to Zeus, the British fleet was saved from certain death)))