Russian Aerospace Forces began bombing jihadist positions in Syria according to the coordinates of local residents

The Russian Aerospace Forces are bombing the positions of Syrian militants on a large scale according to the coordinates of local residents.

The blatant occupation of Idlib by pro-Turkish jihadists forced ordinary Syrians to take an unprecedented step by publishing the coordinates of the militants' positions, marking their depots with weapons and ammunition, marking field camps, etc. The information is promptly transmitted to the Russian military command, and within a few hours, the designated areas are actively bombarding Russian military aircraft.

According to Syrian sources, over the past month alone, the jihadists lost four depots with weapons and ammunition, about two dozen pieces of equipment and about 500 people from their ranks, which greatly weakens their positions in the region, as the situation is gradually starting to get out of the control of the militants. , especially against the background of the transfer of armed structures to Libya and Azerbaijan.

Initially, this tactic was used by Russian mercenaries, however, apparently, ordinary Syrians were also interested in the situation, since today it is known about at least several dozen strikes on the positions of the jahadists, which were established thanks to ordinary Syrians.

Probably according to the coordinates provided by the locals?