The Russian Aerospace Forces dealt a large-scale blow to the jihadist camp, answering Turkey for Karabakh. Video

A video of night strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces on jihadist positions in Syria has been published.

The Russian Aerospace Forces resumed large-scale attacks on jihadist positions in northwestern Syria, bombing a large jihadist camp in the Jabal al-Zawiya area in the southern part of Idlib province.

In the video footage presented, you can see numerous explosions of shells, and taking into account the information available on social networks, the bombardment of this area was carried out all evening, the reason for which was an attempt by the jihadists to secretly approach the positions of the Syrian army.



From the information published by the Twitter user, the Last Defender account, it follows that the strikes were carried out not only by the Russian, but also by the Syrian military, however, the latter side most likely used its artillery means for this.

A few days earlier it became known that a convoy of Turkish troops crossed the Syrian-Turkish border illegally, which, presumably, could transfer new weapons to the jihadists, including multiple launch rocket systems, drones and ammunition.

It should be noted that earlier the Russian Aerospace Forces bombed the province of Idlib to prevent the transfer of jihadists to Karabakh.

it was a simple prevention of an attempt to redeploy the bandits, and in order to prevent an attempt to counter the offensive against the army of sars, it had nothing to do with the actions of Turkey in Karabakh - not having, we would like to - inflicted in Karabakh itself, reading and giving out like that is just epic nonsense!