Russian Aerospace Forces strikes


Russian Aerospace Forces launched dozens of strikes on the Turkish border

Russia reminded Erdogan what the Turkish invasion of Syria will lead to.

Russian front-line Su-24 bombers launched dozens of air strikes on the Turkish border, almost destroying an illegally erected Turkish checkpoint, reminding Ankara that Russia has the right to bomb any targets in Syria, since the Russian military presence here is legal.

Russian front-line Su-24 bombers launched a series of powerful strikes along the Syrian-Turkish border, attacking a group of terrorists who were receiving weapons and ammunition from the Turkish military. One of the strikes inflicted by Russian bombers fell on almost the very Turkish observation post, which was illegally deployed on Syrian territory.

As a result of the strike by a high-explosive fragmentation bomb, the Turkish troops at the post created a real panic. This is due to the fact that earlier the Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber had already destroyed a group of more than 30 Turkish military, illegally and without warning from the Russian side, stationed in Idlib, which is shown in the corresponding video frames. According to Turkish sources, the Russian Su-24 even violated the Turkish border and could well have been attacked by F-16C fighters of the Turkish Air Force, but the Russian side did not comment on this information.

Earlier, Russian Ka-52 helicopters patrolled near the Turkish border, but the latter did not take part in the strikes.

If so, then it is joyful. Time to help close the project: Erdogan is the future Islamic leader. Has become impudent.