Russian Aerospace Forces launched large-scale attacks on militants in Idlib

Russian military aircraft inflicted large-scale strikes on terrorists in Idlib.

Fighters and bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces launched a series of powerful air strikes on Turkish militants in the Syrian province of Idlib over the weekend. According to the Syrian news agency North Press Agency, the strikes were carried out by high-explosive fragmentation bombs and volumetric explosion bombs (vacuum bombs). As a result, the terrorists suffered very serious losses.

“On Sunday, Russian warplanes bombed the positions of opposition groups south of Idlib in northwestern Syria. Opposition military sources said Russian warplanes launched high-explosive and vacuum bomb attacks and carried out four air raids on the group's targets in the area connecting the cities of Kansafra and Al-Fatira, located in the Jabal al-Zawiya region, in the south of Idlib. The air raids coincided with an intense flight of Russian and Iranian reconnaissance aircraft over the target area., according to the North Press news agency.

In addition, according to the Syrian publication, similar strikes were also carried out on the militants on Saturday, and although the exact losses of the militants and the damage caused to them are not called, it is known that the losses of the terrorists are classified as serious.

According to preliminary data, the strikes of Russian military aviation were a response to an attack by militants on the positions of the Syrian army.

Vacuum bombs are especially good, we remember how
two trains under Asha were on fire from a vacuum explosion!
So the Syrian terrorists are well fried!