Fighter Mirage 2000


Russian Aerospace Forces repulsed the third provocation of French fighters in 72 hours

Paris is running into serious trouble with Moscow.

The news agency obtained information that, following the provocative flights of French Mirage 2000 fighters on May 10 and 11 near the borders of the Crimean airspace, a few hours ago another episode of escalation of tension at the Russian borders followed.

According to the Russian defense department, two French Mirage 2000 tactical fighters were again intercepted the day before near the borders of the Russian Federation, which again tried to fly up to the borders of the Crimean airspace, accompanied by a tanker aircraft. To intercept French combat aircraft armed, by the way, with air-to-surface missiles, Russian Su-27 fighters were raised, and drove NATO aircraft deep into the airspace over the Black Sea.

Given the fact. that such a case is far from the first, Russia may perceive the actions of France as aggression, which can lead not only to much more harsh actions on the part of Russian pilots, but also in sending strategic bombers Tu-160 and Tu-95 to the French borders, to remind Paris about its readiness to strike at any point on the territory of the republic, if, for any reason, France decides to encroach on Russian sovereignty.

Well done, that we beat back! I wonder if ours have any losses? And they did not write how many Frenchmen were shot down. Journalists ...

Silently. And slowly. And for TU 160 not one Mirage will keep up.

The question is, why? The missiles will have enough range immediately after takeoff in the European part of Russia.

And what prevents to influence with the help of electronic warfare?

Can the tanker block?

Will send by registered mail. Che stupid questions to ask ?!

As always

It became directly interesting how Russia would send its strategists to the borders of France.