Hitting VKS Syria


The Russian Aerospace Forces avenged the death of a Russian officer in Syria by destroying the largest terrorist hideout, ISIS

Russian military aircraft bombed the underground hideout of the Islamic State terrorists.

The Russian military managed to track down a group of terrorists of the "Islamic State" (ISIS a terrorist group banned in Russia - approx. ed.), which may be involved in the attack on a Russian military convoy in the Syrian province of Homs. The terrorists were able to bring the Russian military to their large underground base, where, according to various estimates, up to several hundred terrorists could be hiding - the latter were successfully eliminated by Russian military aircraft, which bombed the entrances to the terrorists' underground shelter.

On the video footage presented, you can see the moment of tracking down the terrorists of the "Islamic State" and the subsequent infliction of powerful strikes on the identified refuge of the militants. The strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces were aimed, as a result of which the entrances to the underground shelter were completely destroyed and up to several hundred terrorists could be inside, which can be considered liquidated.

It should be noted that after the attack by Islamic State terrorists on a Russian military convoy in the Syrian province of Homs, Russia stepped up a military operation in central Syria, the goal of which is to eliminate the remaining ISIS militants.

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