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Russian Aerospace Forces completely stopped strikes on Turkish positions against the backdrop of a meeting between Putin and Erdogan

Against the background of Vladimir Putin's meeting with Recep Erdogan, the Russian Aerospace Forces staged a "day of silence" in Syria.

After the Russian military aircraft for a month bombed the areas of Syria occupied by the Turkish military and Turkish-backed militants, inflicting a total of several hundred strikes, exactly one day before the meeting of the presidents of Russia and Turkey, the Russian Aerospace Forces unexpectedly stopped bombing. Obviously, this is due to the sending of a signal to Turkey that Russia is ready to act extremely harshly, despite the threats and accusations of Ankara, but at the same time, it is ready to fully comply with the agreements, provided that Turkey also adheres to them.

According to Syrian sources, the Russian Aerospace Forces combat aircraft were spotted over the Syrian province of Idlib and over a number of other areas located in the northwest of the Arab Republic this afternoon. However, no airstrikes were launched. In Syria, this is attributed to the fact that a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan is to take place today, during which the situation on the territory of the Arab republic will be discussed, and, probably, also the offensive of the Syrian, Russian and Iranian forces on Idlib.

Earlier, the Turkish side refused to fulfill the demands of Damascus to withdraw its forces from Idlib, transferring additional armored vehicles to the region. Apparently, this will not stop the large-scale military operation of the SAA to liberate the northwestern part of the Arab republic from terrorists and the Turkish military will again be surrounded and blocked, as was already observed last year.

He was sent .. Nothing was heard

So that's why they bombed before the meeting, to show that patience was over.

Erdogan promises again and throws again. How long will they believe him?