VKS Russia received a fighter MiG-XNUMHUB

In Lukhovitsy, the second pre-production Sparka MiG-35UB took off

At the aerodrome of Lukhovitsky Aviation Plant (LAZ) named after P.A. Voronin, a branch of RSK MiG, JSC, flights of the newest two-seater MiG-35UB were launched. This is a training and combat fighter, created specifically for the Ministry of Defense of Russia. According to the bmpd blog, the new car is one of the first additional pre-production MiG-35UB and MiG-35, which are built for state tests.

These aircraft were built on Lukhovitsky AZ on the basis of a contract that MiG Corporation entered into with the Ministry of Defense in February 2017 of the year. The vehicles will participate in the state testing program in the same way as the first two models of the MiG-35. These machines are built at the end of the year 2016. One of them is single, the second is double.

It was assumed that the state tests of the MiG-35 will end in the middle of the 2018 year, but they were started only in May. At first, two cars were tested, and now two more Sparki MiG-35UBs and two MiG-35 will join them. According to the plan, state tests should be performed at the end of 2019 of the year.

In August 2018 of the year, the Ministry of Defense of Russia signed a contract with United Aircraft Building Corporation JSC (UAC, which includes RSK MiG JSC). It provides for the supply of the first six MiG-35С and MiG-35UB vehicles. The first production aircraft must be delivered at the end of the 2019 of the year.

The rearmament program provides for the purchase of 24-x serial MiG-35 Until 2027 year . Six cars have already been ordered. The terms of the contract for the remaining aircraft are still unknown.