VCS of Russia in Syria


Russian VKS stopped their strikes on militants. First details

Aviation VKS Russia ceased to strike at militants and terrorists in Syria.

This afternoon it became known that the combat aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces grouping on the territory of Syria stopped rocket-bombing attacks on the positions of terrorists and militants in the Syrian provinces of Idlib, Lattakia, Hama and Aleppo.

According to the Lebanese news resource Al Masdar News, the aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces have not struck the positions of terrorists for more than a day. Reportedly, only reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles were seen in the sky.

The resource has learned that the reason for the cessation of air strikes by the Russian space forces can be renewed negotiations between Moscow and Ankara on the issue of de-escalation of the situation in this region. Earlier it was reported that Turkey, in an ultimatum, demanded that Russia put pressure on the Syrian government troops, who allegedly launched a series of artillery strikes on the positions of the Turkish military, who, incidentally, are in Syria illegally, noting that Moscow, the agreement with Russia on Idlib may be under threat.

It is noteworthy that over the past 12 hours, Syrian fighters and terrorists actively attacked the positions of the Syrian military, while it is possible that the Turkish military could transfer weapons and ammunition to the militants.

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