Russian Aerospace Forces strikes


The Russian Aerospace Forces bombed the entire southern Idlib, leaving no chance for Erdogan to gain a foothold in Syria

Russia has shown Turkey ruthless strikes against militants and areas occupied by the Turkish army.

After the Turkish leader Recep Erdogan refused to voluntarily withdraw Turkish troops from Syria, thereby providing access for the Syrian army to the southern part of Idlib province, and, rather, on the contrary, began to supply terrorists with weapons and transfer the Turkish army to Idlib, it became known that that Russian military aviation unleashed dozens of air strikes on the militants. Moreover, not only terrorists fell under the blows, but also Turkish military posts, bases and observation posts, which were erected in the region without the consent of the Russian side.

In the presented image, you can see how Russian military aircraft and Syrian artillery practically "razed to the ground" the southern part of the Syrian province of Idlib within a week. We are talking about dozens of strikes, and this is only officially confirmed data, while sources report that the central part of Idlib bordering on the Turkish regions and other areas located in northwestern Syria were also subjected to strikes.

Quite remarkable is the fact that the target of the attacks of the Russian Aerospace Forces was not only the positions of the terrorists, their warehouses with weapons and weapons, but also the infrastructure of the province. In particular, it is reported that several key roads, bridges and crossings have been destroyed. This deprived the Turkish military of the opportunity to supply weapons to areas located south of the M4 highway, as well as to transfer their troops here.

Obviously, it is for this reason that the Turkish media reported on extremely serious problems for the Turkish troopslocated in these regions - they, like the terrorists, cannot retreat to the northern regions and in the event of an offensive they will simply be swept away by the strikes of the CAA and the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Well, they’re doing it right

Is this the Viking asking? A shame. You took the wrong nickname.

The RF Armed Forces know what to do.

again Russia is bombing someone, why, why? who needs it?

There is no war without casualties .. Assad did not start this war

The authors always confuse the number of "strikes" with the number of bombs. Bad for the authors.

They bomb the infrastructure with one goal - so that it would become impossible to live in Idlib and a million of the population (apparently, all terrorists) would rush refugees to Turkey. Humanely.



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