The aircraft Su-34


Russian Aerospace Forces made more than 30 thousand sorties in Syria

Russian VCS, for two years of operation in Syria, inflicted more than 96 thousand air strikes on the positions of terrorists.

During the period of Russian special military operations in Syria, a special operation to combat the terrorist group "Islamic State" (the activity is officially banned in the territory of the Russian Federation), 30650 sorties were carried out, during which 96828 strikes were inflicted on the positions of radical Islamists. Thanks to participation in the operation of the Russian Air Force, it was possible to free a significant part of Syria, and at the moment, the Russian military is helping to free the territory of the country from the remnants of terrorists.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the US also participates in the operation against IGIL, however, due to inconsistency of actions, this significantly slows down the progress towards the positions of terrorists and their destruction.