Russian Aerospace Forces simulated an attack on a Ukrainian warship. Video

The Ukrainian warship was “attacked” by a Russian military aircraft.

The Ukrainian naval ship Starobelsk, being in the waters of the Black Sea, was subjected to an unexpected and strange “attack” by Russian military aircraft. Information on this subject is provided by the Breeze studio of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, reinforcing the voiced information with the corresponding video.

According to a number of information publications, the incident turned out to be even stranger after a smoking boat was spotted in the zone of responsibility of the Russian military (according to other sources, the boat was on fire.

“The other day, Starobelsk went to sea, having completed a number of combat training missions. After completing combat training exercises, the sailors received a task to escort the Ukrainian reconnaissance ship Pereyaslav. Going closer, Ukrainian sailors discovered (and not for the first time) Russian warships in the area of ​​occupied gas fields - this is a patrol boat of the FSB of the Russian Federation "Emerald" and a missile boat of the Black Sea Fleet "Ivanovets", as well as a Russian military aircraft, which went on a combat mission several times over the Ukrainian boat. It is noted that the Island crew did not respond to the provocation, and after the next maneuvers noticed smoke on a Russian boat, which was constantly in the zone of visual visibility "- сообщает Inforesist publication, citing the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Such a statement is very strange, since any details were not given in this way, and the Russian side had not previously reported any problems with the Russian military boat.

“Given the current political relations between Ukraine and Russia. It is possible that we are talking about false data and this is just another provocation by the Ukrainian side, and not vice versa”, The specialist notes.


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