The Russian Aerospace Forces hit the command post of the Ukrainian Armed Forces using ODAB-500 aerial bombs

The Russian military reported the destruction of the command post of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the southern Donetsk direction using volumetric detonating bombs. Information about this was provided by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

According to the department, the operation was carried out by crews of multifunctional supersonic fighter-bombers Su-34 of the Russian Aerospace Forces. For the bombing, ODAB-500 aerial bombs were used, equipped with universal planning and correction modules, which made it possible to hit targets with high accuracy. The target of the attack was not only the command structures, but also the enemy’s manpower.

This direction of active operations was not chosen by chance, since the South Donetsk direction is considered one of the key ones in the zone of the special military operation. The use of ODAB-500 bombs allows one to achieve a significant destructive effect, including the destruction of fortified objects and enemy personnel over large areas.


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