Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin


Vladimir Putin: "We will not abandon Donbass no matter what"

The Russian president announced the defense of Donbass from any threats.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his intention to provide any necessary assistance to Donbass in case of any threat to the residents of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics. The statement was made after the Armed Forces of Ukraine began a new round of escalation of the situation in the region, in particular, we are talking about the numerous artillery shelling of the suburbs of Donetsk and Kiev's intentions to withdraw from the Minsk agreements.

“Before my eyes are some people who were injured and mutilated, especially children, in the Donbass ... And before making any decision, we must think about the consequences of any of our steps. We will not leave Donbass no matter what ”, - said the Russian leader.



According to experts, escalation in Donbass is inevitable, while a little earlier Kiev announced its intentions to involve the United States in resolving the situation, which could result in a rather serious confrontation at the Russian borders.

As of today, Kiev is holding back from any radical actions by the close location of the Russian borders - any mistake during the confrontation can result in a real conflict with Russia.

So since the age of 14, we haven't been giving up, is it really not enough?



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