The Altai Territory authorities rewrote the statistics on deaths from coronavirus - they immediately became less than half

The media convicted the Altai Territory authorities of falsifying coronavirus statistics.

According to data provided by the media, the Altai Territory authorities deliberately changed the statistics on the number of deaths from coronavirus in the region. So, according to the data presented, if on the eve of the day the authorities of the Altai Territory announced 22 deaths, then on June 4 only 13 deaths were announced, which was the reason for the media accusations of falsifying statistics.

“The Altai Territory Operational Headquarters for the fight against coronavirus has published new statistics on mortality in the region. According to recent data, the death toll from COVID-19 has decreased in the region. On the morning of June 4, there were 13 deaths, while on the eve of the authorities announced that there were 22 people dead. The fact that officials rewrote the statistics, drew attention. Google’s cache (search engine - approx. Ed.) Preserved the page of the official website of the Altai operation headquarters with data for May 29 - it says about 21 dead. In a June 3 newsletter, authorities announced 22 dead "- сообщает "Siberia. Realities."

So far, no official statements have been received on this subject, while experts do not exclude that this could be a trivial mistake that the media decided to turn into a scandal.