Armenian authorities will not detain Putin on the warrant of the International Criminal Court

Armenia is not going to arrest and bring Russian President Vladimir Putin to court in The Hague. According to the Vice Speaker of the Armenian Parliament Hakob Arshakyan, the decision to ratify the Rome Statute, on the basis of which the International Criminal Court operates, was made by the Armenian authorities in December 2022 and pursued completely different goals.

Yerevan intends to use this instrument of international relations in its confrontation with Azerbaijan. According to Arshakyan, the Constitutional Court of Armenia began to examine the legitimacy of ratifying the statute in December. He noted that the final decision on ratification coincided with the decision of the International Criminal Court to issue a warrant for Putin's arrest, but Yerevan considers this an accident.

The MP stressed that the Armenian authorities have no intention or desire to arrest Putin if he wishes to visit Armenia. According to him, yesterday Yerevan signed an agreement that the Rome Statute would not affect their bilateral relations. The same treaty can be signed with Russia.

Arshakyan also stated that the Armenian authorities have no plans to arrest Putin, and that the decision of the Constitutional Court does not find anyone guilty and does not require steps to arrest anyone. He stressed that Yerevan heard the concerns expressed by Russia and believes that it will be able to ensure that the implementation of the further process related to the Rome Statute does not damage the strategic relations between Armenia and Russia.


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