The Spanish authorities found two more bombs in parcels - one came to the arms company, the second to the air force base

In Spain, two more bombs were found at the air force base and at the central office of the arms company.

After an improvised explosive device exploded near the Ukrainian embassy in Spain the day before, it became known that two more similar packages filled with explosives were found at the Spanish Air Force base and at the central office of the Instalaza company. Both objects are connected with the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

After an improvised explosive device went off at the Ukrainian embassy, ​​it became known that a bomb was also found in the office of the Instalaza company. The latter is engaged in the development and production of weapons, including those that were supplied to Ukraine.

“The Instalaza company in Zaragoza received a letter with explosives, similar to the letter from the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid. The company produced grenade launchers, which Spain sent at the beginning of the conflict to support the Ukrainian army. The National Police activated the protocol in response to bomb threats, authorities said., - reports the resource "Telecinco".

However, everything was not limited to this, and already this morning a similar package, also containing an explosive device, was found on the territory of the Spanish Air Force military air base, from where, according to preliminary data, MiM-23 HAWK and Aspide air defense systems were supplied to Ukraine.



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