Israeli authorities prepare for possible Iranian response after drone attack

Israel is preparing for a retaliatory attack by Iran for the attack on the military facilities of the Islamic Republic.

As part of the investigation into the attack on Iranian military facilities inside and outside the country, it became known that the Israeli side was behind the attack. Against this background, as it turned out, Iran can prepare appropriate measures against Israel, and not only on the territory of the Jewish state, but also on the territory of other countries.

Israel's intelligence service (Mossad) warned of possible attacks on civilians, including those outside the country by Iran. We are talking about possible attacks on tourists and embassies, including in European countries.

“On Monday, the security services were reportedly preparing for an Iranian retaliatory strike following a series of attacks on Islamic Republic targets over the past few days, for which Israel was blamed. On Monday, public broadcaster Kan reported that security officials had held discussions over the past day in an attempt to predict when and how Iran would respond to several strikes on convoys reportedly ferrying weapons and ammunition to Tehran-backed militias in Syria over the past 48 hours. », - reports the Israeli edition of "The times of Israel".

Nevertheless, an attack on Israel itself is also very likely, including from the territory of neighboring Syria, however, in this case, Iran risks getting involved in a direct war with Israel.

Israel itself does not recognize the attack on military facilities in Iran and Syria, however, to date, there are quite a few cases where Israel openly acknowledged its actions.


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