Guilty of the disappearance of the aircraft


Malaysian authorities accuse 11 Islamists hijacked the missing plane

May 4th. The Malaysian authorities released their first report on a passenger airliner that disappeared 2 months ago, and here they said that 11 members of a radical Islamist group were suspects.

Recall that previously were considered the most different versions about the mysterious disappearance of the ship, to the point that the pilots themselves may be involved in their disappearance. Today, according to the official report, the Malaysian government announced that the airliner might have been hijacked by the Islamists, whose names were also announced.

It is worth noting that the charges are not proven, since the authorities did not present any information about the investigation, so it is likely that such an announcement could simply divert attention from what is happening, what the relatives of the missing passengers and accuse the government of the country.