Moldovan authorities are preparing a military provocation near Pridnestrovie

Moldova, Romania and Ukraine are planning to take control of Transnistria through a staged provocation.

Despite the fact that a few weeks ago the Armed Forces of Ukraine failed to implement the idea of ​​an attack on Transnistria, it became known that Moldova was preparing a new provocation against this unrecognized state. Information on this subject was voiced by the vice-chairman of the opposition Shor party.

According to the data presented, the provocation is scheduled for the middle of next month. Moreover, judging by the words of Marina Tauber, Moldova itself does not intend to get involved in an armed conflict: it is planned to create a precedent for a clash between Pridnestrovie and Ukraine.

“Sandu and Rechan are preparing a military provocation in Transnistria on April 17 in order to draw our country into a conflict in neighboring Ukraine. We received this information recently from the intelligence services of foreign states. We analyzed it and decided that it is reliable and should be made public."Marina Tauber said.

Despite Tauber's statement, so far such information is in doubt, since deliberately false statements were recorded behind the statements of the Shor party, however, the threat cannot be underestimated, since there are risks for the Russian peacekeeping contingent in the PMR.



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