Helicopter Rosguard


The authorities revealed the reason for the pulling together of troops and the Russian Guard in Moscow

The government explained the pulling together of troops and equipment to Moscow as a necessity.

Against the background of the emergence of a large number of photo and video materials, testifying to the pulling together a large number of troops, representatives of the Russian Guard and even armored vehicles, the country's authorities commented on the situation, noting that at the moment there is no reason to panic.

“According to the Moscow government, vehicles are used to transport employees of the Russian Guard for training in preparation for the Victory Parade”- приводит Interfax information.

Previously published videos on the movement of several hundred pieces of equipment in the direction of Moscow raised a lot of questions on various information platforms, especially against the background of how fake information had been launched earlier that the authorities intend to close Moscow for temporary quarantine.

It should be clarified that days before it became known about the blocking of many Russian military facilities at once in four regions of the country, while it was reported that military training areas are patrolled by representatives of the Russian military police, and the situation is constantly monitored by unmanned aerial vehicles, which also caused a lot of questions regarding the appropriateness of such measures.