The Russian Navy and aviation of the Russian Armed Forces drove away a foreign submarine from Kamchatka

In the latest interview published in the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper, Vice Admiral Alexander Yuldashev, commander of the Red Banner Association, shared details about the actions of the military personnel of the Kamchatka heterogeneous association of forces and troops. He spoke about a situation where the anti-submarine aviation of the Kamchatka mixed aviation regiment detected a foreign submarine not far from the Russian borders. Thanks to eight hours of observation by the Il-38 pilots, who maintained contact with the submarine, it was possible to transmit data to the Gremyashchiy corvette. This corvette, acting in secret, observed the submarine, which eventually forced the latter to retreat from Russian borders.

Vice Admiral Yuldashev also emphasized the achievements of military units and formations included in the Book of Records of the Russian Armed Forces, among which the successful and unique missile firing of the Gremyashchiy corvette stands out. The Kalibr missile fired from the ship performed an unusual maneuver, crossing the 180th meridian several times, demonstrating its ability to travel between the Western and Eastern Hemispheres.

In addition, the successful implementation of tactical electronic warfare techniques by the Gremyashchy corvette in cooperation with the Gromky corvette from the Primorsky Flotilla of Disparate Forces was noted. This technique made it possible to divert anti-ship missiles, disrupting their guidance. Such a maneuver emphasizes the high efficiency and readiness of the Russian naval forces to protect the country’s borders and repel potential threats at sea.


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