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US Navy after invading Russian territorial waters: "we don't recognize Russian borders"

The United States announced that it did not recognize the Russian borders, stating that they would do what they wanted.

The command of the 7th Fleet of the US Navy announced that today's invasion of Russian territorial waters in the Sea of ​​Japan is not a violation, since the United States does not recognize Russian borders in this region and therefore will continue to perform those actions that are in Washington's interests at their expense. ...

“The 7th US Fleet announced that Washington would not recognize Russian maritime boundaries in the Peter the Great Gulf of the Sea of ​​Japan near Vladivostok after an American destroyer violated them. This happened in response to a statement by the Ministry of Defense that the anti-submarine ship "Admiral Vinogradov" did not allow the American destroyer "John McCain" to violate the Russian border in the waters of Peter the Great Gulf on Tuesday morning. In a message from the command of the 7th US Fleet, it is said that the destroyer John McCain is conducting an operation to ensure freedom of navigation in the Peter the Great Gulf. They added: "In pursuing this process to ensure freedom of navigation, the United States has demonstrated that these waters are not Russia's territorial sea, and that the United States does not agree with Russia's claim that Peter the Great Bay is a historic bay under international law." ", - about it сообщает edition "AMN".

It should be noted that initially the American missile destroyer USS John McCain refused to obey the orders of the Russian military, and therefore, a Russian warship was sent to intercept the American warship, which forced the Americans, under threat of using weapons, to go on the opposite course.

ABSOLUTELY AGREE WITH YOU! IT'S A SHAME! IN THE MID-80s, there was an incident with an American in the Black Sea, and the Soviet sailors won. IT'S A SHAME!

You had to sink it remotely and that's the end of it

The incident confirms the fact that today's Russia has lost power, authority, and respect in the international arena. What the USSR and even Tsarist Russia possessed

It is not excluded that Lukashenka is right. Given a number of irrefutable facts, namely Oleg Cheb. Regarding the spread of praises addressed to the "objectivity", "courage" of Yakov Kedmi, Venediktov, and now Lieberman and others. Zionist cosmopolitans possessing many citizenships and residence permits. Caution! Zionism, including its affectionate, gentle and seemingly benevolent forms of expression, is insidious. And its adherents have long ago mastered the art of professionally mimicking, but for anyone! We must also take into account that there are no traitors among this "fraternity", bound by a nationalist mutual responsibility. Since those from our sinful reality immediately fall on the transcendental judgment of their tribal god. However, this is their business. At one time, according to the UN decision, the ideology of Zionism, along with the ideology of German Nazism, was included in the category of anti-human worldviews. But then such a decision of the international organization somehow completely imperceptibly, without various discussions, discussions and publications there - disappeared from the UN documents ?! Another aspect of the problem is much more important for us. 1) Firstly, the calculation of the remnants of values ​​still remaining in Russia after the period of rule of the "fathers of Russian democracy" in it. The leader of which, in the 90s, was E. Gaidar. Left a little. Everything is in accordance with the law discovered by M. Lomonosov: "If somewhere, of something, somehow disappeared, then in another place, the same, but in a different form, the same amount - arrived!" 2) Secondly, it is extremely important to find out who and why is pushing such persons, bound by a nationalist worldview, backed by powerful foreign ties, into the apparatus of state power in Russia? In particular, in the category of leading political scientists, propagandists, journalists. And not only there! In principle, it is not difficult to do this, if you follow the ancient Roman aphorism that says: "Tell me, who is your friend? And I will tell you who you are." PS But you will not be able to enroll me in the category of "anti-Semites"! Although far from the social utopia of communism, I recognize the historical significance of Karl Marx, I respect the talents of Lazar Kaganovich and Lev Rokhlin, with whom I collaborated before his death, which I am proud of.

With this call, you can check the response time to interception, as well as the frequencies, etc. of the radar. But I wonder what would have been the reaction of the United States if we did the same?

Unfortunately, this is not a reason for litigation, but a reason for the start of hostilities

It looks like war is coming soon

Well, Duc, we may not recognize omerica as a state, as formed in an undemocratic way ...

A serious reason for the proceedings with the creation of a commission from two countries.