Bomber Su-24


US Navy in panic: Su-24 flew four times over the destroyer "Donald Cook"

Russian bombers Su-24 sowed panic among American sailors.

As follows from the data presented by the Turkish edition of "Hurriyet", as well as «Intefax», the Russian Aerospace Forces again decided to show their power and dominance, thereby demonstrating to the command of the US Navy that the approach of warships to the coast of Syria, and we are talking primarily about the destroyer Donald Cook, could have dire consequences.

In order to warn the destroyer's crew about the seriousness of their intentions, Russian combat aircraft, and we are talking about Su-24 bombers, flew four times in the immediate vicinity of the American ship. All the planes carried a full set of weapons, however, they did not show any hostile and aggressive intentions towards the American ship.

The flight of Su-24 over the destroyer "Donald Cook". (video from the previous flight)

According to military analysts, the approach of the American destroyer Donald Cook to the coast of Syria could have been due to an attempted rocket strike, since the day before Donald Trump said that Washington was ready to consider the possibility of striking at objects located in Syria.

It is necessary to clarify that there are no comments from the Russian Defense Ministry on this issue, however, it is important to take into account that over the past few years this is the third time that Russian bombers are coming closer to American military vessels.

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