France announced the creation of an international tribunal to investigate Russia's actions in Ukraine

European countries have begun work on the creation of a tribunal to assess Russia's actions in Ukraine.

The head of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Paris and a number of other European states are working on the creation of a tribunal, which is supposed to investigate Russia's actions in Ukraine. Within the framework of the tribunal, it is planned to use information both available from European states and transmitted by Ukraine, which in turn raises a number of questions regarding the impartiality of such actions.

“With regard to the proposal to create a special tribunal for Russian crimes in Ukraine, we have begun work with our European and Ukrainian partners”- said the French Foreign Ministry.

In Russia, they reacted rather harshly to such a statement, noting that by creating a tribunal against Russia, Europe covers up the actions of Kyiv and is trying to legalize the seizure of Russian assets.

“They want to get a “pressed through” decision of the General Assembly, as it was last time. <...> Ursula von der Leyen said today that we need to reach out to the frozen Russian assets. It is clear that they will try to justify this with a resolution adopted by the General Assembly, trying to give this lawlessness some form of legitimacy., - said Vasily Nebenzya, Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN.


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